Thursday, 26 March 2020

5 ways to boost your blog views

How to get more views on your blogs

In this blog I'm going to be sharing some sites I have used to get more views on my blogs and got my content out there a bit more. I've seen a lot. of blogs about how they can help you and there all the same where you should use social media like Facebook, twitter, pinterest but most people already know that they should use them sites, I'm going to be sharing some sites you may not know about but have great rewards.


The most powerful Social Media Community is here on Everve, where you will get a quick boost in the online world and to increase your popularity.

Everve is the most powerful social media tool where you can grow all your social media accounts fast and free its just like the site i've listed below but produces better results you can get a free $0.50 with this link Also what's good about this site you can make as many accounts as you want and get a free $0.50 on them all.

youlikehits website

YouLikeHits is a free social media directory network which helps you to grow your social networking presence. With youlikehits you will get more exposure on the social networks you use, getting started with youlikehits is very simple and free. (use referral get free 50 coins

This is a really useful site but if you're promoting a blog I got a good tip since this site works on a coin system (don't worry you don't have to pay for coins), upload your blogs to Twitter then use the retweet function on the site, that brings in more views than if you just promoted your site through website hits. You can only make one account per IP.

link collider 

LinkCollider is a SEO tool that uses link building, and social media sites to help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social media networks. There system serves as a link between site owners..

Link collider is very useful for uploading your links and just leaving it to generate views it also has SEO functions, for example, keywords tool and more but to use the SEO functions you need to either gather coins or pay for membership but apart from that you can upload Three blogs and just leave it to gain views.


Quora is a question and answer website where questions are asked, answered, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers that have been submitted by other users.

Quora is very useful for sharing your blogs and also asking questions that you cant find the answers to on the internet also you can answer other peoples questions and from that they could follow you and check out what you have posted.


Pingler is a relatively new way of connecting your blog content across the web and sending it out for everyone to consume. Every time you update your blog or post a new video, pingler pings those servers and notifies them about your new content.

Pinger is a paid tool but its very cheap and I recommend it, it pings your blogs to the web, so they can be displayed on google, bing, yahoo it also has an URL crawler and some other SEO functions

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